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What is in an Olivskin soap block?

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Do Olivskin soap blocks work with such basic, natural ingredients?

Yes! Click on the ingredients below and take a closer look at what is in Olivskin soap blocks and why they do not only work so much better than conventional soaps, but also feel amazing on your skin:

Our extra virgin olive oil is grown and produced right here in South Australia.  Rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, along with high levels of antioxidants, olive oil assists in preventing premature aging and protects skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation.  Olive oil also contains Squalene, an extremely hydrating molecule that helps maintain our skins natural moisture barrier and hydration. 

Water is used in Olivskin soap blocks to assist in dissolving Lye (more on that below), to get the saponification process started.  Most of the water is evaporated in this stage and a very small amount is used compared to bottled liquid soaps!

Lye is a naturally occurring product (usually derived from salt water) that when added to the olive oil, undergoes a reaction called saponification.  This is what forms the soap! During this reaction, all of the Lye dissipates and all that is left is pure olive oil soap. In other words, there is not actually any Lye in Olivskin soaps, however we include it in our ingredient lists as it is still a component used to make our soap blocks.

Produces an amazing texture which helps form the soap and improves how long it lasts (more than 4 weeks per block if stored correctly, used every day!). The Australian clays also gently smooth and repair your skin, removing impurities along the way and are very effective in cleansing oily skin.

All Olivskin soap blocks are scented using essential oils.  Essential oils have strong natural antibacterial properties and work very effectively to clear skin pores and cleanse oily skin.  Additionally, depending on the essential oil used, there are several other benefits.  Lavender essential oil is highly relaxing, while eucalyptus essential oil has a cooling, anti-inflammatory effect on skin.  We use many different essential oils in our soap blocks, so check out the individual product pages for more information!

Some Olivskin soap blocks have exfoliating properties, for example our Exfoliating Orange.  These soap blocks remain 100% natural, using dried orange flakes as the exfoliant.  We also use ground coffee beans for the exfoliant in our Peppermint with Activated Charcoal & Coffee Scrub! All current and future Olivskin exfoliating soap blocks will use 100% natural exfoliating material and will never use synthetic exfoliants like the microplastics which are currently impacting our oceans and marine life.

All ingredients in Olivskin soap blocks are Australian made!

No artificial scents, colours or preservatives. Olivskin soap blocks are all natural.

No irritants, stabilisers, sulphates, parabens, get the point.

Olivskin soap blocks are amazing for your skin and utilise the highest quality, natural ingredients on the market. They hydrate, smooth and repair your skin rather than strip it of its natural oils like many cheap, store bought soaps.

Try Olivskin soap blocks today and your skin will thank you for years to come.

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