Our Environment

It has been no secret lately that our environment is struggling here on Earth.  Degradation of natural resources, pollution and old habits are hurting our planet faster than it can recover - but here's what we are doing to help.

Olivskin is Plastic Free

Plastic lasts a LONG time, especially when it has been disposed of.  Plastics in landfill (or worse, in our oceans) can take hundreds of years to break down, causing damage and potentially death to various wildlife along the way.  Yet it is estimated that over 380 million tons of plastic is produced every year, with up to 50% being made for single-use purposes!

At Olivskin, we say no to plastic.  Our soap blocks are packaged in small recycled cardboard boxes, with un-laminated paper labels.  The entire packaging is 100% recyclable!  In addition to this, we deliver our orders using Hero packaging.  These tough little mailers are 100% compostable..

What About Palm Oil? Coconut Oil?

Certified sustainable or not, deforestation, Orangutans, threatened species...it gets very confusing when diving into research on sustainable oils.  Palm oil has gained a bad reputation over the years for its destructive impact on the environment, however there is little evidence to show that coconut oil is any better, despite being widely accepted in our society.  The majority of palm and coconut oils come from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and India - with high amounts of uncertainties in the ethics and treatment of workers.

Olivskin products are completely palm and coconut oil free.  We only use South Australian extra virgin olive oil - we know where it comes from and the environmental impact is only a fraction of what is caused by palm and coconut oils.  Additionally, olive oil comes with a plethora of benefits when used on your skin - read more about this here.

Cruelty Free and Vegan

All Olivskin products are vegan and not tested on animals.  This one of our core values and it will always remain this way!