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Caring for your Olivskin Soap Bars

Our natural, handmade soap bars are not like ordinary store bought soap bars. Follow the simple steps below to make sure you get the most out of your Olivskin soap bars.

Olivskin charcoal soap bar washing hands in bathroom

Soap bars in use

For the Olivskin soap bar or bars that you are currently using, we highly recommend that they are stored on a soap rack that allows water to drain off and away from the bars. Never leave your Olivskin soap bars sitting flat or in a puddle of water, this will soften the soap bars and quickly reduce how long they will last.

When stored correctly, Olivskin soap bars can last 4 or more weeks with daily use!

olivskin soap bars on timber holder with plant and pink background

Unused soap bars

Keep any unused Olivskin soap bars in their original recyclable cardboard boxes. Store them out of direct sunlight and preferably in a cooler area of your home. This will keep them fresh for as long as you need.