Alpine Winter Festival 2021 @ Glenelg

Last month Olivskin spent 4 days at the Glenelg Alpine Winter Festival, and we had an awesome time!

Firstly, we would love to thank everyone that came out to say hello and try out some of our soap blocks.

This was Olivskin’s first public market and the support was tremendous. We had the opportunity to meet many amazing people and vendors. 

Overall we found the festival to be a great success for everyone.

Below are some pictures of the Olivskin market stall set up:

olivskin market stall set up at alpine winter festival in glenelg adelaide

olivskin market table showing all soap bars with lights on hessian

The Alpine Winter Festival also gave us the chance to test the waters with our new Ginger and Lime soap block.

Due to the positive feedback we received, it is now live and available on our website. View it here:

If you missed us at this event there’s no need to worry, Olivskin plan on doing many more local events and markets throughout Adelaide. 

After the event we conducted a free giveaway on our Instagram. This gave one of our awesome followers the chance to try our new Lime and Ginger block. 

Be sure to be following us on our socials, as we plan to do many more giveaways and local events!


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